Friday, April 23, 2010

Lovely Substitutes


It's been such a busy week, and so unexpected. I was supposed to enjoy some sunny days in Spain, and even celebrate my birthday there. But Eyjafjallajökull had its own plans I guess, who could blame it. So against expectations I spent the whole week dealing with various plan B's. And there were plenty of little substitutes to choose from, who would've thought.

The weekend was so sunny I even got freckled cheeks and a sunburn on my knees while knitting all afternoon or painting my pale toes for an imaginary Spanish flair. I believe nature had a bit of a guilty conscience and compensated us with the brightest rays of sunlight for two days. I could finally get on with my little project and make use of those adorable buttons I ordered from Etsy.

Sadly my birthday was rather rainy, but the lovely flowers out of my mom's garden made up for all the clouds and grumpy faces on the street. And of course these delicious shoes I simply had to get my hands on helped as well. I am constantly losing myself in thoughts about how to combine them with my entire wardrobe.

It's curious though, even though I feel I am quite good with choosing my own clothes when out shopping, my mom always picks those kind of things I can wear for years and which I can combine with so many things I already own. She has that talent to spot timeless classics, and even though we've been caught up in endless discussions about how this or that might not actually fit to me or my style, she was always right in the end. I just needed a lot longer to see it. 

Maybe this is something I will only be able to learn with age. Too often I am tempted to buy things that look awesome right this moment, and make me roll my eyes in a year from now. And those things can be heavy on your wallet, I can tell you.


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