Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rough Diamonds

We've spent a few days with the family, celebrating my grandparents' Diamond Wedding first, and then recovering from that said family reunion, which took us four days.

I know every family has its issues and is probably anything but perfect. The flaws of our relatives seem to show most when we're gathering for these family meetings, which are actually supposed to be fun, but really aren't.

My grandmother has an incredible talent to turn any positive remark into misery, making you wish you did not mention encouraging things like how beautifully the new jacket suits her complexion. The only conversation I witnessed went something like this;

Mom: "Oh, you did your hair, that looks wonderful!"
Grandma (pulling down the corners of her mouth): "Mhmm, yes, we went to the hairdresser in this crappy weather, it was raining all day!"
Mom (coughing lightly, yet not surrendering): "Aw, but it really looks lovely."
Grandma (grunting): "Eh, just today.. you should see how it's going to look tomorrow!"

... and so on. And it really does go on for hours. No matter how high your spirits, be assured that you'll eventually feel so down and absolutely convinced that life really is a dilemma, that the only good thing you can do is to make your way from one buffet to the next and engage in conversation as little as possible.

Now I know why Grandpa keeps the volume of his hearing aid at absolute minimum. And even though some things can not really be changed, because they're so deep in our genes, have been so long in the family history, I keep trying hard to not follow in their footsteps. I'd much rather annoy my children and grandchildren with silliness and good mood. 

And cake, lots of cake.

1 comment:

  1. It's something typical for old peeps i think!!
    I already told bf if i ever start to act like that he can pinch me!


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