Friday, May 14, 2010

I thought I'd introduce the few of you humble readers, that sneak in every once in a while, to a new member of our family: meet uhm... oh shoot, he doesn't have a name yet. But hubby was very certain it's a 'he', so I can tell you at least that much.

It's been three years now that we've been married, and we're enjoying just as much ups as downs. Can't have pancakes every morning, can you.

So this little adorable tree, which is much more like a little person instead of just a plant, is what I gave hubby for our anniversary. We first went out to one of our favorite Italians, and strangely got all depressed the further we proceeded with our menu. No no, the food was great, as usual, but I guess something just was in the air, or we simply ate too much and had to move awkwardly on our chairs while having a conversation. Or maybe it was the amount of Eros Ramazzotti that didn't go too well with our stomachs.

Who could really tell. In the end we felt like old people must be feeling, because it was still bright outside as we left the restaurant. But as soon as we got home and started revealing presents to each other, the mood went straight up. Priceless, the look on hubbies face when he first saw his Bonsai. He's been wanting one for quite a while now but only mentioned it once in my presence, and I am so happy I picked up the message. Even if it wasn't meant as one.

I have the greatest joy in finding gifts that really fit to a person. I even went that far once by saying, I would rather give nothing (or just some flowers maybe) than a gift that doesn't fit. Something that has been put together in stores already, or vouchers for this and that always gives me the feeling I could have done better, but didn't. So I prefer postponing birthdays or christmas a lot, until I really find that fitting lid for the pot, as we say.

Well, sometimes this gets out of hand though. Reminds me I should quickly be getting back to a Christmas present of a dear friend of mine. Is it May already? Oh, I hadn't noticed.


  1. Now this post made me smile!
    You can already guess what exactely i think... yesss the part about the gifts! ;-)
    I totally agree with you though about the gifts! I love hunting for perfect presents too, they have to fit the person they're meant for and only the best is good enough!! (And i'm not talking about prices!But i know you know that too...)
    The bonsai is such a great present btw, i love those too. They're so sophisticated & it's nice you can keep them really long if you threat them with love.

    I did some gift-hunting too in France & found something!! But, i think i want to add something more, so the birthdaybox will be a little late too....

    Big hug from me, catch you soon!<333

  2. Oh hello there, it's good to have you back! I hope you could enjoy a bit of sun and spoiled that knee with lots of french cakes and candy.

    Quite right what you mentioned about the presents, it really isn't about the prices at all as long as you add a tiny bit of your heart. It's also such great pleasure to wrap everything, trying to find the style or paper that might fit to the lucky receiver.

    The Bonsai is being a little moody by the way, but hubby is trying to get used to having a little one he needs to take care of now.

    I can't wait to see what you found in France! And don't you worry about delaying the birthday, Christmas has not yet taken place.



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