Saturday, June 19, 2010

Come rain or come shine

In tough times like these you really know who your true friends are. I haven't had the chance to be in contact with as many people as I wish lately, and there have been too many things occupying my mind. Yet it feels good if you know there won't be any doors shut even though days and weeks and sometimes even months without words may have passed.

A friend I consider one of my closest put a smile on my lips with my delayed birthday present. It's becoming a trademark, she wrote, and I so agree (her Christmas present is right next to me, and aaaalmost ready to go... just a little ribbon here and some lines there...).

There are so many little bits and pieces I couldn't wait to get my hands on. I even unwrapped half of the package minutes before I had to rush to work and was a little late, too, but with new jewelry. Look at those lovely tulip earrings, the colors are simply perfect for my wardrobe. 

When I got back from my shift I discovered the rest of her lovingly wrapped gifts. Between some adorable candy I found a cute necklace (Yes, I do love that one, you really did meet my taste!) and a beautifully illustrated notebook for my own recipes. I know already what's gonna go in there. Some secret scribbles about the ingredients of my apple pie. I imagine how my grandchildren might find this little book one day in some dusty box up on the attic, and will start baking and filling their kitchen with the delicious smell of maple syr... uh oh... pretend you didn't read this.

Now don't forget to have a look at my friend's little etsy shop if you liked these earrings and the necklace just as much as I did. There's so much love in those, it will always push your mood right up the moment you put them on.

I will cherish these very much. Thank you again for a sunny day, even though it did not stop raining. <3


  1. Aww!My heart just melted reading this!
    I'm so happy you're happy!!
    Big hug from me!!♥

    And omg!! Superfast shipping! I went to the post office thursdaymorning & you already received it! Yay!

  2. The Postman finally found me right away! Must have been my lucky day.

    Huge hug back to you! <3


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