Sunday, January 23, 2011

New horizons

It's time for new beginnings.

I've spent the past weeks organizing, rearranging and reevaluating my life and desires. So sorry to those of you who peeked in from time to time and thought I may have lost interest in sharing my thoughts and dreams. But rummaging around in the past in search of little treasures really does take up much time.

I finally made a decision that filled me with passion. I'll be moving to a new city, and amongst other things hope to seduce the new surroundings with my homemade cakes. The way to someone's heart is through his stomach, as we say.

Right now it's all boxes and chaos and the desperate search for distraction from that. I never liked moving much, but this time I feel something good will come from all this. 

So bear with me for a couple more weeks, until the new place and internet is finally set up. And then I'll hope to share some of the projects I've been working on so eagerly lately.
I can tell you as much as this; my knitting needles are blazing hot.

*credits: picture by Marek Bruns, made during our trip to Sweden for New Year's, still so much to tell you about that


  1. Hi Mina, I hope your move goes smoothly and wish you all the best for your new place and city. Will look for your future postings. Have a great week. Greetings from the US...Heidi

  2. Ohhhhhhh i'm so happy to finally read something new here! I kept coming back to check and now i'm lucky! Yay!
    I'm happy that you found something and i wanna hear all about it! We've got so much to catch up on :) I like your positivity and well you mentioned cakes so i think all is good then!
    Happy monday miss pie!!
    Lots of love & very big hug! <3

  3. Thank you two for your well wishes and positive thoughts!
    I'm right in the middle of having-no-kitchen-chaos.. but the move went well so far. I'm hoping to be back soon with some snapshots of the new place. <3


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