Sunday, June 05, 2011

Late nights in the kitchen

This weekend has been so incredibly hot. The lovely sun has downright requested to spend as much time as possible outdoors. It's a miracle I found my way into the kitchen to try out a recipe that's been on my to do list for so long. I actually made this around 11pm, after the sun went down.

As I told you a couple of days ago, I am so inspired by this wonderful food blog. I've always wanted to make a carrot cake ever since I tasted one in London waaay back, and it's been such a challenge to find a recipe close enough to bring back old memories. 

The only thing I altered from this recipe is the amount of sugar. I don't like my cakes overly sweet, and I am still not sure if the sugar in other countries might be a little different taste-wise. I've been trying a couple of American recipes lately and always had to decrease the amount of sugar. Is it possible that it's much much sweeter over here in Europe?

What I will definitely recommend is the buttercream recipe used for this carrot cake. It's just so delicious and easy to make! And so much fun to slather on the cake after all the layers are done. Decorating is my favorite part. Besides munching the entire creation of course.

The layers are not as fluffy as I wished them to be, but I blame this on my fear of over-baking the dough. I remembered that adding a bit of sparkling water could also help, so I'll try that next time.

Oh, how I'd love to invite you all to have a piece! Some tea anyone?


  1. Ohh yesss! Tea for me please!
    And ofcouse some of that pie, it looks like heaven! <3 Syl

  2. I wish I was some sort of baking-queen. It looks like a wonderfully fun hobby to have, but I don't seem to give myself the time to learn it.

    That food blog looks delicious! So does your baking.

  3. Thank you both! There's still half of it in the fridge.. that's the downside of baking so much all the time. You won't always find enough people to eat everything...

    It's the same for me with cooking, eva! I still don't find it exciting enough to stand on the stove and meddle with pots and pans, and prefer watching someone else do that. But baking I compare a bit with the soothing feeling you have when knitting or crotcheting. Takes your mind off all those worries, and in the end, you've got such a sweet reward!


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