Thursday, September 15, 2011

A pouch for sunglasses and the problem with bulky corners

I forgot to post this pouch. These last days have been a little unorganized.

This pouch was made as a present to store some newly purchased sunglasses (or my own ones temporarily as seen above). I've been on a mission to minimize wrinkles on other's foreheads. You'll see me ironing those worry lines with my thumb whenever I catch someone overly concentrating. The kind of concentration that leads to obstinacy. Some peeps like to combine this with a little pouting. Sounds familiar?

I've heard that sunglasses help, at least with the wrinkles between the eyebrows issue. And they will give my thumb a little break.

The design is rather plain with only a little embroidery, since it's made for a guy. The inside is made of molton, a very soft fabric usually used in stage design. I love working with this material, it seems to float along by itself underneath my sewing machine. For the outside I used some plain and solid linen.

Even though there are tons of tutorials on these pouches, I feel like noone has really revealed the secret of the zipper corners in full detail yet. There are various ways. You could either cover the zipper with a small piece of fabric, as I did here, then shorten the zipper a little to reduce the bulk. Or you refrain from using any extra covering, but will have a little more bulk then with slightly rounded corners.

Maybe there's no real solution if you want to use lining. But I've seen some around with very pointy corners, so I am determined to discover the secret of those. And when I do, I will share with those of you who have been in the dark for so long as well (unless you know already and would love to share!).

Hope you're all having a good week!

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