Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Becoming Artsy

"Hunny, I wanna be artsy." I said. 
"What do you mean? You want to be an artist?" he said. 
"No!" I said "I wanna be artsy!" 
"What, like... an artist? What are artsy people like?" 
"They're like - you know. Like these people here." 
I started clicking through flickr-, lookbook- and other blogpictures. 
"See? These people are totally artsy." 
"Oh, okay. And do you think they know they're... erm... artsy?" 
"Well, I would say so, yes." 
"And do you think they're really happy?" 
"Of course! I mean, they must be. They're inspired everyday and spill over with ideas." 
"Hm." He said "So what would you have to do to become one of them?" 
"Good question."

1 comment:

  1. I'm also interested in coming 'artsy'... but do you think it is something you become, or just something you are from the start?
    Maybe its just more about finding a way to express all that bottled up creative-ness. I think then the question becomes are you being artsy to prove to everyone else that you are, or to prove yourself that are capable?
    Hrmm... but good luck :)


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