Thursday, January 22, 2009

Readjusting Talent

I take drawing classes for about 2 months now in an attempt of creating my very own portfolio. I've been told I have talent, and whatever comes out of my pencil is very pretty and very close to reality.

My tutors tell me how lovely I draw details, and also how I lose myself in them. It's hard to change old habits, and starting with a blank sheet of paper knowing I'll mess it up while trying out new things is more difficult than one would think.

See, I am aware of my inability to come up with something fabulous, different, overwhelming. I lack the talent of having an outstanding idea and pursuing it. It's about inspiration, isn't it? Chasing even the weirdest thought that comes to mind. And doing that without caring what others might think. Like when we were kids, and clouds used to be everything but white and fluffy.


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