Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Treasures

We've been having the sunniest weekend of all and spent most of the days outdoors which is, for those who know me a little, quite unusual. What better thing to do than to head to the flea market on such days?

But despite all our good intentions both my friend and I overslept Saturday morning. We got to the flea market far too late to find a reasonable bike - they say (hubby did, too). But maybe it was fate, and this little dutch Lady and me were meant to be together, so she was waiting for me until I got there.

It was obvious that we would have to do a bike trip on Sunday, so we wrapped some snacks and enjoyed a warm cup of chocolate cappuccino in the park, listening to the cheers of the worldcup games in the background. Note to myself; believing a fleece blanket is the optimal choice for hot summer day picnics is very foolish...

Well, but back to my little Lady here. The breaks aren't really working properly yet (yes, that squealing and giggling girl passing by you on the traffic lights, using her feet to stop - that's me), and there's no light in the back (who needs that in summer, right? And am I not shining enough already, Mr Police officer, so you could connive at those little flaws?), but I just can't get enough of little trips with her.

You have noticed by now, it is definitely a 'she'. And I am looking for very oldfashioned names by the way, just like Edna or Dorine. Suggestions welcomed!

Hubby got really lucky too. He has been looking for a puppet for a while now, and didn't really want a super professional one, since well, he is no professional. We found Mr Black, who was also waiting for us, it seemed, dozing off between some old tableware. It took us 4 hours to unravel its lines (including several fights about who pulled the knots tighter of course), but it was so worth it. 

This little guy has so much character and charm, he draws you in with just a few nods of his head or the gesture he gives you if you ask him what time it is. It is odd how quick you form some kind of relationship to him and forget about the puppeteer.

Now this week ahead of us will be a short one. Guess where we're going on Thursday! We'll do a little short trip back to where it all started, but I'll tell you all about it next time. Right now I really need to finish another layer of that white wall. 
Oh, you thought I was done with it already, didn't you?

1 comment:

  1. What an awesome bycicle!!
    Now i want to go cruise on small winding roads with you!! Maybe she's an "Yvonne"?


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