Monday, August 02, 2010

Misery of attachment

Lately I've been working on my inability to throw anything away, which results in a lot of piles of 'stuff' lying all around the house. I can get attached to a hairpin (yes, one of those you buy in packets of 25 since you will always Always lose them anyway), and even get into debates to defend its right of existence amongst my other 'things'.

Saturday morning hubby ran against the hover lying in the way. And while I was still rolling my eyes about his clumsiness, I tipped over my cup of chocolate milk, hit his one next to it too and watched all of it tumble down to the kitchen floor. Great example of a useless domino effect. The handle of one cup broke, which is part of a greater collection of coffee cups.

Anyway, so I'm there in the kitchen again today, doing the dishes, trying to detach from 'stuff'. 
And I ask "Can I throw this cup away now? I mean... the handle is broken and all..." 
He looks at me in disbelief "What, why? You want to throw it away just because it's different from the others now?"

Not really helping.

1 comment:

  1. I'm like this too, don't worry! It doesn't matter if it are clothes, or furniture, or just stuff...i'm attached to it all!
    And about the cup... keep it!! The poor cute thing :>


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