Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goldfish Memory

Summer days have caught up with me. That's my excuse for not having posted anything in so many days. I've had to work a lot more shifts than usual as well, covering for those who enjoyed the sun abroad. What I like most these days is spending lazy mornings in the bed. Preferably with my favorite bundle of joy of course.

One of the strangest thing about my cat is her memory. Hubby calls it goldfish memory. I have not done a full research yet, but if it equals our little girl's memory, it must be really short.

In moments like on this picture, she craves for some caressing. And of course she gets lots, until she suddenly shakes her head and gets up on her feet with the moodiest expression on her face. I could never read that behavior well. But I know she's very displeased with something at the latest when she makes that funny and, I believe, very unique sound. Hubby and I compare it to a kind of pigeon sound, and we playfully "coo coooo" around the house if something is a little displeasing.

Funny thing is, it takes about one minute, which I of course silently and patiently wait. Cause there's nothing like the moment I innocently call her by the name and she tilts her head around the curtain, stares at me with those big eyes and mews a few times as she stumbles closer, as if asking for a bit of space there next to me.

Really? That easy? Not even a little grumpy "cooo" about whatever bothered her one minute ago? If only it was this simple for us to overcome uneasy feelings. Sometimes I wish for a goldfish memory, so everything left on my mind would be the thought "Hey, you got some more space there next to you?" while I stretch my front paws.


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