Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Gone too soon

I miss summer already. It somehow went by without me noticing. My legs are still white, I haven't had enough ice cream yet, and there's still a bunch of dresses waiting to be taken out.

Oh, and our heating is not working.


  1. Same summer feelings here!!
    Are these pics of dresses you made?

    I miss you! I miss us catching up all the time...

  2. Hello there!

    Oh I wish I made those dresses.. the left one is an old dress from my aunty, originally from the 70's, and my friend is wearing one from Zara. It was so stunning, I talked her into it. It's simply delicious. If only summer stayed a little longer..

    I miss catching up too, but I'm glad I can peek over at your blog from time to time to see your new projects!


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