Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Change of season

I've started my day with a fruit salad to charge my batteries. Even though I've really been looking forward to spring, this sudden change of climate seems to affect me in the exact opposite way it should. I've been feeling very tired and the urge to close the curtains and stay in bed all day. I know, very strange, since the sun has been shining so much these last few days. Just a phase though, I am sure I will adjust to it very soon.

The tomato sprouts are doing very well, but the new fern I bought only a week ago is already dropping its twigs. I am not sure what it really needs, and if I am watering it too much, or if it's too warm or cold in my kitchen. But I hope it won't die on me so soon. Maybe it's just a little annoyed by my cat sticking her nose into it all the time. I can't blame her though, these tiny leaves are really the softest ever to tickle your face.


  1. The fruit salad looks delicious. I've been wanting to add kiwi to mine for so long, but I need to wait until my hands heal properly (I have a very sensitive skin on my hands and the juice of some types of fruit can hurt occasionally). It makes me jealous of your salad!

    I hope your plant will do fine!

  2. I love your fern.

    I hope you tomatos are doing well.
    I have started growing lots of things in my balcony too. Will post them soon.

  3. Oh you are right, eva, kiwi really is such a wonderful fruit to add since it's so pretty to the eye! I hope your skin will get better soon. Maybe you could substitute those "risky" fruit by adding some yoghurt and honey... I tried that a few days ago and it's just delicious!

    Thank you coco, I hope to see some of your sprouts soon, too! I just planted some of the tomato plants into a bigger pot and am curious now how they will do on the balcony.

  4. I also had fruitsalad today but instead of kiwi I addes apple to my grapes and strawberries it was also very delicious. Hope you are doing better now?
    How is your fern? Don't place him in full sunlight, that is not good, it is a shadow plant. I also have a fern and he is doing very well at the moment, and I give him enough water every week.
    much of good luck with your tomatoesplants ! I will sow some plants soon as well like last year and hope to have some little tomatoes again : )

  5. Thank you so much for your tips, lotte!
    I have placed the fern in a more shadowy place now but the leaves were already very dry.. Maybe I can adopt a plant from you some day and try again.
    The tomatoes are still growing strong and I just planted some more into my balcony pots. I sowed too many though and am running out of space for them already! I'll be curious to see your tomatoes as well, I'm sure I can learn from you. :)


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