Monday, March 28, 2011

Worry and Vim

My mind has been occupied for a few days now with the limping of my little cat. She fell most awkwardly from a shelf last thursday and has not gotten better yet. But other than the limping she she seems content, eats and drinks and purrs whenever I caress her. So I am hoping time is a good healer.

I managed to make this little pouch last week, and I have gotten so much positive feedback that I am planning to make a few more to give away as presents. I love these kind of personalized gifts as I adore spending hours searching for matching fabric patches, ribbons and laces and just that little something that could make it special for one particular person. 

My hope is that this kind of affection will always show in the things I make.


  1. Aww, i hope Mada will be allright, give her a big hug from me!! It's sad to see our cats being hurt, right!

    And that pouch looks beautiful my friend!! You did a perfect job with matching all those together! I really think you're talented in this and i'm looking forward to what's coming next!!

    Lots of hugs & kisses for you!! ♥

  2. My cat has had the same problem, twice already. Her leg didn't get better for longer than a week, but she still purred, ate, drank, etc. Cats have this skill where they seem to heal themselves. As long as they purr and eat and you don't feel a broken bone, everything will be alright. Eventually see a vet after a week if you're too concerned.

    The pouch looks amazing, really nice colours and details. It's so well-made!

  3. Thank you so much, and lots of kisses back to you! There's already more waiting, but I've been planning it for our late Christmas <3

    It is so comforting to hear your cat already had this twice, eva, and that it will be alright with time. I am too worried sometimes, but now I feel easier about waiting a couple more days. And thank you for the encouraging words! I'm already back in my sewing room starting with new things.

  4. I see your lovely pouch。 I think your loving personality is showing in whatever you make and I also believe in so as well. Whoever receive that pouch would be very happy, I think.

    I just noticed that I have some lace just like that. I may make something with it and show you sometimes.

    Hoping your cat will get better soon.

  5. Sehr schöne Kombination bei der Börse, der/die Beschenkte freut sich sicher darüber!
    Und deiner Katze gehts sicher bald besser, wenn sie schnurrt ist das schon ein sehr gutes Zeichen!

  6. That pouch looks very pretty. You combined the fabric, ribbons and lace so well.

    I hope your cat gets better soon!


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