Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Inspired by the wonderful work of bloggers such as Lotte or The Blue Rabbit House I exchanged my knitting needles for some crochet ones, just to try something new once in a while. Get those synapses working.

The little pillow on the left is part of a project I have been working on for such a long time. These pillows are filled with a custom mixture of lavender and eucalyptus. But sadly I have not found a good way to refill these yet, so the smell fades away after a year or two. They are still rather pretty to the eye though, and make an adorable present for any kind of occasion.

Well, I know, that little doily is all warped and slouchy, and only with the simplest stitches you first learn when you start crocheting. But it's my very first one and I did manage to finish it in one evening. I am amazed at how old fashioned I once thought these were (like back in those years when granny used them under pretty much any platter you could imagine). How adorable I find them now!


  1. That is just so lovely! The doily looks really nice. I'm glad to hear I've been inspiring you, it's a real nice compliment.

  2. And look at your scarf!! Did you make that yourself too? It looks so warm & comfy!!

  3. Thank you eva, nice to see you here! I'm always looking forward to your new creations, they're so adorable.

    And yes, I made that scarf, it was one of my first and is suuper cozy. I've been working on a lot more, but now suddenly the sun starts peeking out. I'll have to knit faster!

  4. But scarfs come in handy all year long if you ask me, i wear them from january till december!

  5. So lovely work.
    I might try using smaller needle too.


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