Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Peace of mind

Whenever my mind starts to wander off and gets lost in endless rumination, I know that I can always rely on my knitting needles to bring me back to the present.

The subtle sound of them clicking together in a (still rather slow if compared to my aunty) rhythm makes my worries disappear in an instant, and I am focused on counting knitting stitches and patterns. It defeats the constant ramble and addiction to turn "unlaid eggs" - as I call them - over and over again.

This was supposed to become a wrist warmer, but I have troubles making a second one of exactly the same kind, once the first is done. Mostly because I am simply too impatient and already excited to start with a new color, new pattern and actually overall an entirely different project.


  1. Oh i know that feeling! I'm working on an owl-project, and whenever i feel stressed or have a 'busy' head i take my sewing box with me & work on the owls! It gives me a relaxed feeling... (while bf thinks i'm crazy...)

    The wrist warmer looks nice, great color too! You should finish the second one!!

  2. Oh I'd love to see more about your owl project! Yours is still sitting around here impatiently, waiting for my next trip to take her to.

    I might try finishing that wrist warmer... but as you will see with the next post, I already started something else and got lost. But as long as these things give us a relaxed feeling I think we can start with as many little crafty projects as our busy heads can bear!


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