Monday, April 04, 2011

Come rain or come shine

It's a terribly rainy day outside, so I am staying in with my big knit cardigan and a good fruit salad. Mum brought some raspberries from the market. They remind me of my childhood and when I used to pick berries in the gardens of my grandparents, shoveling them right from the bushes into my mouth. 

I only remember sunny days without worries there. And a wonderful smell. You know when you sometimes get out on the street on very early mornings, and the day still smells so new, almost innocent. It's in those moments that all my memories of the gardens come back to me, and fill me with contentment (and I am not a big fan of very early mornings, mind you).

I've been working on a dress pattern these past days, but I find myself being too impatient to work towards the result. It annoys me having to use cheap fabrics to sew a couple of samples which I have to discard or alter over and over again. I'd love to start with the pretty fabrics already! But I know it would leave me just as frustrated if I wasted those beautiful materials on something that isn't quite the thing I would wear yet.


  1. I am thinking about doing fruit salad today too. yours look dellicious.

    I would love to see your dress when you finish making them. Do you make your own pattern?
    I might sew some skirts and shirts for spring/summer soon too.
    Goood luck with your sewing.

  2. Thank you coco! The fruit salad was indeed very yummy and helped me through the grey day.

    Yes, I make my own patterns, but it takes a lot longer.. I would love to buy some vintage patterns in thrift stores, but those are sadly very rare over here. And since I really wanted a dress in the style of the 1940's, I just had to start making my own.

    I will definitely post a bit about it soon!

  3. I love what you said about gardens, childhood & early mornings. It is all connected in our minds. Wish you a wonderful day!


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