Sunday, May 08, 2011

Picking up the trail

Time to pause.
Take a few deep breaths.
Finally enjoy the sun.
Some things need to be called to mind consciously, or the wheel just won't. stop. turning.

The last two weeks have been so hasty, I simply couldn't find a moment to sit down and write a few lines.

I've had the most wonderful birthday party with close friends gathered in my little place (and still did not have the heart to take down all those garlands - they remind me of all the chatter and glee and happy munching mouthes). I attended the release party of a musician most dear to me, and was reminded once again of my weakness for live concerts (why don't I enjoy these more often?). And right after that I spent a week in Spain with my mother, enjoying the feria. 

Family holidays are never easy, but I think once we got over the initial discomfort regarding the difficulties to find some proper food to fill our bellies, everything went pretty well. Oh I know, Spain isn't exactly famous for its poor culinary treats - but sadly the very city we visited was. And I am one of those that can't think nor act on an empty stomach. If I do, it's with a rather moody tone of voice and wrinkles all along the root of my nose. I try telling peeps about this quirk before they get too concerned about my seemingly grumpy nature, but it's a race against time...

I returned to the most sprouting and springing little garden on my balcony. The tomatoes are doing so good. Almost too good, I ran out of space now and find myself postponing the replanting.

This week will be another quiet one, filled with sun baths, strawberries, laughter and good music. After that it's back to the less pleasing things of life, that simply need to be done. 

I'm wishing you a wonderful sunday, just as sunny as this one here!


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