Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thoughts on a perfect breakfast

No breakfast is complete without a dish of eggs.

I didn't always think that way, and toast, bread, butter, jam and a certain chocolate spread have always been sufficient and satisfying for a long time. Not anymore though. Now the first thing that pops in my head as soon as the stomach complains is "What's it gonna be? Scrambled, fried, or omelette?" (Yes, I admit, I have not tried "poached" yet, but I hear that's quite difficult, and I doubt I could be up for these challenges early in the morning with a grumbling stomach). 

Someone told me our taste changes every 7 years. So this is the year for me! I have never liked onions much, and even garlic took a long time to grow on me. Now I find myself in the kitchen, willingly chopping shallots, consequently breaking out in tears, and fixing up a roux (is this the proper term?) as a base for pretty much any sauce I fancy lately.

Just the same with my breakfast. I wrinkled my nose at fans of a proper english breakfast, even when I lived in London for a while ("How can you eat warm food in the morning?"). Now I really can't think of a better start into the day.

What you see above is a spanish tortilla without the potato.. which makes it more into a well intended (and therefor rather thick) omelette. I chop tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms (you can also add zucchini etc.), whisk three eggs in a bowl, add the vegetables, salt and pepper and fry it all in a buttered small pan with garlic. The garlic is really essential, you'll love it! Try frying the omelette with a lid on it. And turning it is a lot easier with a flat plate pulled over the pan. Sprinkle some parmesan on top for extra indulgence.

Hope you're enjoying your breakfast this morning!


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