Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back home

It has not been a pleasant trip. I call it trip on purpose, not holidays. I have learned many things during these 10 days, and wouldn't miss the experience. There's one thing I can tell you right upfront. It doesn't really matter where you're going. It depends a lot on your company. More than you think. There are of course places that may somehow inspire you, or your expectations of them motivate you so much you simply get into a good mood automatically. But share your travels with someone who figuratively doesn't speak the same language as you do.. and joy and relaxation only comes with tremendous effort.

There are still a lot of things to be liked about Norway. Like the odd feeling you get looking at the clock and noticing it's past midnight, yet bright outside. Or the landscape, of course, Staring at the enormous rocks of those fjords makes you feel so tiny. And they've been there all along. And they'll be there still after you've gone.

I also enjoyed fishing, and we were lucky enough to angle a young codfish. It was so exciting, since I've only been fishing once in my life, as a little girl, with a little self made fishing rod, using breadcrumbs as a bait. I've been told real pro's don't use breadcrumbs. But they do work, don't they?

This carrot cake in a small café in Alesund mended my heart. It was simply delicious, and sharing it with someone I care for and could rely on during this trip, wiped away some of the worries and sorrows. 

The way to someone's heart is always through his stomach, they say. I tried that with a heavenly apple cake, made with an apple sauce you prepare a day or a few hours before. 
It was beautiful. It was tasty. It was juicy. It didn't work. The heart thing, I mean. Maybe one day it might, but it will take a whole lot of cakes.


After a long and tiresome ride home I was delighted to see my little garden had grown and survived my absence. Some tomatoes of quite some size were waiting for me. My first ones ever! I am so excited and afraid I could do something wrong before they are really ripe and ready to be eaten.

And here's a picture of my lucky clover. I planted it a while ago, hoping it would bring me luck. It's growing and flourishing every day. I know good fortune can't be constrained. But inspired, maybe. A little?


  1. Aww my friend, that doesn't sound so good...
    But you're telling some true stuff there, it doesn't really matter where your trip/holiday is going too, it's the people you're with who make or break your days! I've learnt that much so far as well... and once you went there things changed for good, well that's how i feel about it anyway.

    Happy to hear you could enjoy the beautiful Norway anyhow, it's on my list 'to visit' cause the nature seems so beautiful!
    Oh and i've planted some lucky clovers as well, i should post some pics on my blog soon!
    And i also need to write you soon, i'm not even gonna mention that other thing i still need to do for you :>
    A big hug for you!! Take care <3

    (blogspot still doesn't love me... so anonymous again!)

  2. isn't it exciting that you can soon harvest lots of tomatoes!

  3. Aw Syl, I hope that blogspot thing gets fixed for you soon!

    Norway is definitely worth a visit. And even though I would still prefer Sweden for it's soothing features, there's something about the roughness of those fjords that's probably quite unique. There were parts of the landscape where I had the feeling we were not on earth anymore. As silly as this might sound, but it looked like some rocky desert underneath a cloudy and almost gloomy sky - something I haven't seen anywhere else before.

    But like I said, mind your company, and you'll have a splendid time up there!

    And you're right, coco, I am so excited already about those tomatoes. I wonder when they'll turn red!


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