Friday, June 24, 2011

Has anyone seen my focus?

I am having a very hard time focusing these days, especially after the rather bumpy ride to and from Norway. It seems to be so easy to get distracted by the smallest things. Like browsing some blogs, and then ending up spending hours to click links within posts and underneath pretty pictures. Time flies by and suddenly you wonder why you're so hungry. But the fridge is rather empty because you forgot to do the foodshopping yet again.

This week I was supposed to start with a new project that's been sitting around here for a while. I am to sew a costume for a friend of my mother. I only have little more than a week to come up with the entire costume, so I won't be able to sew anything accurately period. I am hoping to find a few tricks that will give a bigger impression with a few easy tricks. Not precisely the way I prefer it. I am one of those who could spend hours on a single detail.

But as I can never only work on one thing at a time (oh hello again, sweet distractions), I also started with a new doily, which I would love to put underneath my fruit bowl in the kitchen. And I finally almost finished the arm warmers for my mom. I only need to hide the little thread endings, but then they're done! This was supposed to be last year's Christmas present... but then again, isn't it lovely to get presents all year 'round and when you least expect it?

Now I better get back to the pattern of this costume. Even writing this is such a welcome diversion! I am curious, what are your favourite distractions?


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