Thursday, June 02, 2011

The baking tragedy

I call it a tragedy indeed, since baking usually always calms me down and satisfies my sweet tooth. So what went wrong?

I found this lovely recipe on that blog (which you should definitely check out if you're a lover of culinary art, especially sweet things). I was craving for old times which lead to an exhausting yet mouth-watering search for anything related to scones. 
I used to live in London for two years, and even though that was more than 6 years ago I still remember that infatuating warm aroma fuming up in a tiny mellow cloud after you slice open those soft and fluffy pastries.

So my mind was all set on bringing back the good old memories. With a little twist of course. Turned out that twist was slightly bigger than I had intended.

Note to self: Do read what's written on packages - twice! Whole wheat flour is not immediately the whole wheat flour you need for your scones.

I grabbed the one for bread baking, with my good intentions regarding the healthy week, and noticed only after baking the first round that this kind of flour is slightly salted. Yum. 

So with wrinkled noses and itchy tongues we tried again, with all purpose flour. Which was slightly better. They do look pretty, don't they? Don't let the pic deceive you.. they were crispy as biscuits and not sweet enough to seduce me or anyone else the way my strawberry rhubarb pie did. 

I won't give up though. Maybe I should start with a more basic recipe. Currently I'm making applesauce for another fancy cake trial, and it's smelling simply divine of apples and cinnamon. Curious already?


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