Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wisdom of my week

There is a life beyond the computer screen.

This sunday my beloved iMac gave up on me. Better said the harddisk did, and took nearly all my hard work with it. Yes, I am not a backup-girl, you probably figured. I stored the biggest amount of pictures and music on an external harddrive, simply because it took up too much space. But all those templates, textures, animations and 3D things I've been working on... down the drain.

There have been days when I wished for something like this to happen. Does constant cluttering up and the  phrase "Oh, but, don't throw that away, it might come in handy some day!" sound familiar to you? There are scary similarities between a harddisk and a storage cupboard, or the attic, or wherever peeps keep all their memories and things that might come in handy one day. I've silently waited for a catastrophe like this one, because then I would not have to go through endless files, asking myself over and over again if I might need this or that.

Losing my photobooth pictures is a bit sad. And a few self made funny movies are quite a loss too. So far I am not too devastated, because I don't remember anything else that might be deeply emotional to me. But you know how it works, there's always that day when you tell yourself: "Should have saved that, it would have come in handy right now."

Being without the computer for nearly two days wasn't so bad. I went out more, the sun has been spoiling this adorable city, I made new friends, and spent more time in the kitchen to cook something fancier than pasta with tomato sauce (which can be yummy, if it's not a dish you do every second day).

But two days, that was that. I had to borrow another computer now so I could get back to work. Yes, I definitely depend on it. But I'm just saying. Switch it off every once in a while. Refrain from checking mails before you brush your teeth, or flicking through the news before the coffee is even boiling. You might be surprised how much these days have to offer if you're unplugged!

PS: The tomatoes are doing wonderfully!


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