Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunny sunday

Oh, such a sunny morning! I spent some time on the balcony looking after my tomato plants. They look terrible. As if all their energy went into providing me with so many delicious tomatoes, and now they're just totally worn out. I might have to find a foster home for them.

I also made another to do list. I have several scattered around the house, which I sometimes find after months. It's always amusing to browse through them, and still satisfying to strike off the things I managed to actually do. The leftovers make their way onto my current list. Like movies I really wanted to watch for ages. And musicians I never had the time to check out properly.

Here's another knitting project that's been occupying me for a while. I started rather feverishly with the smaller sleeves, and didn't think I would actually get this far. Now I'm out of wool.

The pattern is so adorable, reminds me of waffles. 
With powdered sugar and icecream. Mhmm...

1 comment:

  1. The pattern is so beautiful and the yarn your using goes very well with the pattern. Very pretty!


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