Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wrapping and singing

I've been wrapping presents all evening long yesterday, and Mada has been of great help. She attentively folded gift wraps (using the weight of her entire body) and thoughtfully pulled on strings to tighten bows I made. Or undid them so I could redo them again. It took me a lot longer than it usually would, but it's worth the amusement when watching her being so excited about the simplest things.

Long story short: A parcel will be on its way to Belgium very soon!

Other than that I will be gone for a few days to enjoy choircamp with a few old friends. Making music and being with the ones you love is a terribly good mixture. I spent the last of my school years at a special musical institution, including a boarding home. The friends I've made there are still the closest to my heart. And even though we're scattered all over the country and aren't in much contact during weeks and months, it's always as if we've just met a few days ago. Priceless.

Enjoy the rest of your week! I hope you'll have lots of sun.


  1. How exciting!!! And i'm honoured Mada wants to help wrapping the thingies, tell her i'm thankful ;-)
    I'm really happy, despite all the delaying & putting things on hold, that we're still doing this... I'll finish my parcel for you in september, after all the summerholidays rush!
    Oh that reminds me! I wanted to ask you if my postcard from France arrived? Cause some of them did and others didn't...

    Enjoy your time out with the choirfriends & YAY for the parcel that will be on its way very soon!!!!! xxx

  2. Yes, your card arrived, thank you so much! <3
    I've got quite a collection now, I've been thinking to hang them all around the house. It always feels like having a bit of holidays in my little place.

    Your parcel still hasn't made it to the post office, because I wanted to add something from my short trip to Holland, but it as all super rushy. So no worries about taking time till September! Wish you loads of strength for the end of summerholidays! xxx


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