Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunny wedding and a gift

We were invited to a wonderfully relaxed wedding, celebrating with close family members and a few friends. A welcome change in stressful times. It was raining during the ceremony (which I heard brings good luck) and the sun peeked out as soon as we left the register office to head to the restaurant.
Loved the bride's dress and groom's tie.
Tried very hard to withstand the urge to lick my plate after every single course of the most delicious menu.
Had such pleasure to inaugurate my cam on this blessed occasion. 

For their wedding I gave them the little hat I have started a while back (and fortunately managed to finish on time), since the bride is expecting a baby girl. I'm so happy it was well received and am promised a picture on the little one as soon as it's born and grown into it.


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