Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Childhood thoughts and another gift

On my way back home I was favoured by fortune to ride in one of those old train wagons. They're very rare and replaced by the (in my eyes) rather charmless modern models. Even though this one is not the oldest version yet, it reminds me of my childhood and travelling long distances by train when visiting my grandparents. Grandpa came all the way from his hometown just to pick me up at the station where I was waiting with my parents. Once inside, I stood on the upholstered bench, wistfully in anticipation, and we both waved my parents goodbye. 

I must have been only 3 or 4 years old, but I still remember the smell of the brownish upholstery. And how I felt so wonderfully taken care of by my grandpa, who started cutting small pieces of apples for me with his pocket knife on those little foldout tables. I remember wondering about "Aschenputtel" (the german version of Cinderella), and if she really lived in Aschersleben, a little town our train always passed through. Even though grandpa is gone for many years now, I still wonder. In a more grownup and mature way, of course.

Back home I finished this little birthday gift for a friend of mine. A while back I made a cotton bag for her in a very similar design, and she fell in love with the anchor patterned linen. The zipper pouch fever has gotten me a few weeks ago and I've been through so many tutorials to get the hang of how to make these. They're so lovely to have for little bits and bobs and make such a wonderful present.


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