Sunday, September 25, 2011

Off to Berlin


I'll be spending the next two weeks in Berlin. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a grand part-time job, and am sent to the capital for a substantial training course. Which I am so looking forward to.

But I must admit, I am in a sort of love-hate relationship with Berlin. (Warily) Love, because quite a few friends adore the city for so many reasons. And as they're telling me about its charms and the most awesome times spent there, I keep thinking, maybe I simply didn't get it yet.

Do you know this feeling creeping up when arriving at a new town? Those 10 minutes before your train stops at the main station? Buildings pass by, you catch a glimpse of some people. The weather sometimes plays a part in it, too. It could be about the smell, or what it feels like to take the subway. Or simply the way the first person you ask for directions might reply.

It's in those first moments that my prejudices are formed. I will either like or dislike the place. It takes a lot of effort (from both, my part and that of the city) to convince me of the opposite.

These first few minutes spent in Berlin have never made me feel particularly welcome or comfortable. Berlin feels too big to me, too versatile, too loose.

The good thing is, I've got some absolutely priceless friends over there, and one of them is kind enough to let me stay at her place. It'll be lots of sweatpants evenings with chocolate cakes and movies. And conversation over a good glass of wine (or two). Best times always. Maybe they'll shift my love-hate relationship with the capital a little.

I'll try to post from there. Have a happy week!

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  1. I’ve been having the same thoughts while spending a good deal of time in Copenhagen. People praise this city endlessly, but my experience here has been awkward and I’ve found it difficult to fully appreciate my surroundings. While I enjoy wandering the streets, meeting new people and soaking up the culture, Stockholm permeates my mind and I constantly catch myself longing to go home.

    Maybe we can both just try to enjoy our travels while they last :)


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