Sunday, November 13, 2011

Knitting and thoughts on how to spoil you

Some knit on my lap. I've started with an ear warmer for my dear friend, who doesn't like to cover her chignon with a hat. So we found this beautiful baby alpaca wool and I've been using an old vintage pattern to make it that little more interesting.

I've also been working on some wrist warmers. I still had some leftover fabric scraps from my autumn dress. And as the pattern and colors are just so divine, I couldn't resist to make some accessories with those. It wasn't enough for a scarf, but it will be fine for a couple more of these cuffs. The ones I am wearing are lined with a soft brown jersey fabric, but I've also made some with dark grey. They're so cozy and such an eyecatcher, and if you like it a little plainer on some days, you could just turn them inside out.

Making these autumn cuffs gave me an idea, since I'd like to spread the love for handmade things (and adore giving and receiving gifts as much as anyone probably does).

What would you think about a handmade autumn gift swap? Whoever likes to enter the circle has to send something handmade to another person, and in the end everyone will get something selfmade and treasured from someone else! Kind of like a combination of having a one time penpal and a giveaway. It would be a lovely way to get to know more of you crafty people, who are always such an inspiration to me.

Let me know, dear silent readers, what you think about that idea.


  1. @Jessica So lovely to hear from you! I already sent you a mail with a few more details! xx

  2. Hai hai Mina ♥
    Just read your message on fb too, i'll answer you but i already wanted to let you know i love your idea, i saw it on other blogs before and it seems very nice to me to connect with other creative peeps from the net!!
    Soooo count me in too! Yay!

    And hey, those wrist warmers look awesome, i remember that dress you've made and i liked the print on the fabric!

    Much love, Syl xxx

    It's so silly i still can't comment on some blogs with my profile! It only seems to work with the people that have chosen to open the comment-thingy in a new window... strange huh?

  3. @Syl Oh, so good to hear you'll be in, too! I'll send you a mail with some more detals soon!

    And what is it with silly blogspot! Very annoying... I will help you searching forums soon, I am sure others have had this bug as well.

    Lots of <3

  4. Beautiful warm colors. And i like your wrist warmers.
    Sweet cat too; beautiful whiskers.

  5. Hi Mina, I love this idea. I am a painter, make drawings and a 'prutsemieke' . I would like to make something for someone creative.

    By the way, I have a little give away on my recently started blog

  6. oh, i just found out
    about this.
    i like this a lot,
    am i late ?
    if not - i`ll be happy to be
    tale a part

    and the timing is so right
    for the presents.

    thank you


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