Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Belated early Christmas

Every time a get a parcel from this lovely lady my day is definitely made already. In stressful times like these having a penpal really is something rare. We're both aware of the patience and discipline this passion demands, and so there are never any hard feelings if Christmas parcels tumble in around August or later. In fact, it seems to be even more joy to get to open all the little gifts on no special occasion. It's like you put a hold on Christmas, or just prepone it to your liking!

This parcel was a mixture of thoughtful supplies for my crafts, selfmade treasures from herself and other inspiring peeps, and something for my sweet tooth of course. See those lovely earrings? I favoured them ages ago on etsy, even forgot about it in the meantime, and she remembered. They're so lovely, and if you haven't already, you should definitely take a little side trip to her shop (she'll be back from holidays soon!).

It's been my day off today, and Mada is best at showing how I spent it. Mostly in bed watching awesome series like Downton Abbey (I am so addicted), enjoying some cocoa and simple pasta. Hope you were having a wonderful day?

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  1. I'm so happy we're thinking the same way about this whole penpal/(christmas?)gifts/friendship thing! It's special & always so exciting to find a surprise in the mail. I for one hope the old fashioned handwrited letters will never never never dissapear... I'm sure you and i will do our very best to not let that happen ;-)
    Wouldn't it be great to still write eachother when we're old? Let's say around our 80's?

    Glad you liked your parcel Mina!
    Big hug ♥


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