Monday, November 07, 2011

Loop scarfs for loved ones

I somehow stumbled into November (or November happened upon me), and can't believe Christmas is actually almost there. Time to get ready for the coldest season. I've been making loop scarfs recently and am quite enjoying the results, as they're fairly easy to make and therefore so rewarding!

For her birthday I made A. one in rather funky colors (in remembrance and anticipation of our traditional New Year's holidays), lined with a cozy warm fleece fabric in blue. Of course we had to go outside and snap some pictures of it in the warm autumn sun. It's been spoiling us all weekend.

I assume autumn is pressing every button to make up for the rather weak and moody summer. Enjoy, until you'll have to go all onioning by putting on 3 tights and at least 2 cardigans! 


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