Sunday, November 27, 2011

Toasty wrist warmers for him

I've made these wrist warmers for D, mainly because of his complaints about cold fingers while working on the computer. And as it is rather inconvenient to sit inside with a cozy mitten trying to hover the mouse over complicated snippets, I remembered that keeping your wrist warm does the job just as good. Maybe not when snow is upon us. But for now, he'll be safe.

This fabric was such an inspiration, it's amazingly soft and cozy. And the pattern just asked for this purpose. It's so rewarding to notice when I make something for someone in particular, and they put it on, it suits them even better than it did in my head. As if they have had it long before. I am generally inspired by particular people I make something for, rather than blindly creating something out of thin air (although I envy that aptitude so so much).

How do you get creative, I wonder? Do you start from scratch and think about who it might suit best along the way? Or are you inspired long before the actual result?


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