Thursday, December 15, 2011

My autumn swap gift!

I received my autumn gift from lisa today, and it made me so happy! Long working hours have been gnawing on me lately, so it was wonderful to come home to a lovely wrapped parcel with my name on it.

Lisa sent me everything I'd need for a little teaparty to curl up cozily on a sofa all day. Delicately crafted teabags with handdrawn labels and homemade cookies. These are so delicious, I had to be really quick to snap pictures of them before I took a bite.

Thank you so much!

You'll also find happy gift swappers here, here and here. Be sure to check out the blogs of these lovely ladies.


  1. I just love to see all the gifts! Yours is so sweet as well. I'm very curious to see what I'll get and I'm exciting to see the reaction when mine finally arrives. I sadly enough couldn't post it earlier.

  2. Ohh that's a lovely gift you got!!
    Those cookies look so yummy!! :)


  3. How beautiful! what a lovely gift! Enjoy!

  4. What a wonderful gift.
    So sweet from her.


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