Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas wishes

All the gifts are wrapped, my bags are packed, and Mada is (more or less) getting warm with the new company, Willy. He's my parent's cat. They are kindly providing a foster home, while I am spending a week in Denmark with my closest friends, a group of 12 people I mostly know from school times.

We've been to Sweden last year, and I'm really looking forward to cozy evenings in sweatpants, opening wine bottles at 3pm, and the most delicious culinary treats of our wonderful two (male!) chefs. I probably won't have any internet access up there. So therefor I am already wishing you a sweeping New Year's celebration, and that you may not worry too much about resolutions.

As for the autumn gift swap; thank you to all of you lovely giver's who joined this project despite of stressful times so close to Christmas. All your selfmade gifts are so inspiring, and I am really looking forward to future projects of this kind. I know, there are still a couple of presents on their way, but I'm sure they'll arrive any time soon! It's been a pleasure to watch the gifts popping up on your blogs. Here's a little summary of your handmade treasures
 (I'll add the last ones as soon as they've arrived);

Claudia's, Lisa's, Barbara's, Lotte's, Karolien'sSyl's, and mine.

Thanks again, and have a wonderful merry Christmas with your loved ones.

Much Love <3


  1. So much beautifully wrapped presents. Wauw, I'm impressed.

  2. Oh look at Willy (i had to laugh with that name!), he's a cutie! I'm sure Mada will have fun times with him.
    Wishing you a wonderful time with your friends, enjoy Christmas evening and i hope you'll get the best presents...

    See you in 2012,
    lots of love & a big hug!
    Syl x

    (and yay! seems like i can finally comment with my profile again! that was about time!)

  3. That sounds like the perfect vacation! Lots of friends and relaxation! Enjoy and have a Happy New Year! (beautiful wrapping!)

  4. Beautiful presents.
    And i wish you and yours a happy 2012 !


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