Thursday, February 09, 2012

A creative day off

I'm having a day off on short notice, and enjoying it in the sewing room. Which is most of the time a real mess. My mom says it's a creative mess, though, and I like to mention this to surprise visitors, prior to any probable eyebrow raising when entering my craft room.

Did I show you my calendar for this year? It's filled with illustrations in the naive art style, which I adore so much. I once bought a painting from a street artist in Brazil, which had a rather inconvenient size for traveling. It was quite a struggle and left a few raw edges here and there, but I'd always do it again. There's just so much to see and explore in paintings of this style.

Another pair of wrist warmers is born, for a friend of a friend. I'm so moved that my creations are already arousing attention without me presenting them personally. These are very similar to the ones I sent to coco for the autumn gift swap. Which has received so much good feedback that I am already thinking about a handmade summer gift swap. You should definitely send me a mail if you'd already like to be part of the gift circle, but I'll also mention it again on my blog as soon as I can set proper dates.

Weekend is almost here, and so is our short trip to Amsterdam! I'm still yearning for your recommendations on what to see/do/eat there!

Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. Those wristwarmers look so cosy & warm!! It has been so cold here lately! We had nights with almost -20° in some parts of Belgium!
    I can't wait for spring to arrive...

    About the local thriftstores, it's so much fun to search between all the stuff they have, it's not like everything is super, not at all! But there's lots to find, i always come home with something :)
    And you know, the little wooden stool.. i have 2 of them!! Bought them for only 1€ a piece! If you lived here i'd gave you one!

    Can't wait to see your shop filled with your lovely creations! Lots of love & a big hug back! ♥

  2. Have a wonderful time in a cold Amterdam !! Bring your skates :)
    Hugs, Pauline

  3. Ohhh btw, count me in for the next swap!! ;-)


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