Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Candy and Peep Toes

Day two of the temporary hubby-less existence. 

My morning wasn't only brightened up by the sun flooding my entire bedroom, even through the dark curtains, but especially by a little parcel that has arrived from such a long journey. It came all the way from America crossing the ocean, and put a smile on my face as I finally pulled it out of our mailbox.

Oh, I know, you're wondering what's in it. Let me tell you; a really good friend of mine, which I have never really met face to face (but that's an entirely different and long story), decided to spoil me and two other European friends with some candy we don't have over here. What a treat! Even though the postmen must have been really frustrated by the delicious smell, not being able to rip open the package, they probably decided to smash everything with a hammer. 

Just to make sure their reputation is well maintained - the mail over here isn't really famous for its prompt delivery or friendly approach in general. But who cares, my enthusiasm could not be spoiled by the sticky mess found inside the little box. I dug my fingers in and it was well worth it! After all, it's not only about the looks.

Talking about looks. I spent the rest of the late afternoon looking for shoes for a friend. She needed some of the fancy kind for a special occasion to combine with an elegant dress. So with the excuse that I will have to try every single shoe she does, just to make sure it really is as pretty and comfortable as requested, I only noticed how much I crave for various blue, taupe and brown colored pumps. It was really hard to focus on the actual task while my feet and legs kept looking gorgeous in some very pretty red peep-toes. 

I'm really not the high heel type of gal, but in those moments I deeply wish I could pull off the look not only on fancy dinner parties and such, but also in my usual day. I only own one pair of very classic black pumps, and they look delicious on me. Sadly, they spend 51 weeks of the year in the closet. I keep wondering if there are more girls out there like me who prefer wearing flat heels not because the higher ones might be too uncomfortable, but because of the attention noisy heels and the addition of another 2 to 3 inches bring along. Hello, self-confidence, where are you hiding? You'd combine so well with those red peep-toes.


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