Saturday, March 27, 2010

My excuse for having more strawberry pie

Did the hubby-snorts this morning again. But otherwise I'm doing fine.

I rambled through a few boxes in the attic and dug out some spring and summer clothes today, inspired by more sunlight flooding my bedroom this morning. Between worn out tops and skirts of the "how could I ever think this was fashionable" kind I found a cute pair of jeans shorts I bought last summer in France. But oh, how annoying - when I tried them on they were too loose.

I know, nowadays everyone is rather happy about losing some pounds, especially since we're moving towards the sunny season and craving (or fearing) to show off a lot more skin. It's a difficult thing with the womanly shapes, and how it doesn't really count how everyone else sees you, but the tiny parts you notice when you look into the mirror.

The thing I always say is "my shoulders are too wide". Like those of a swimmer, really. And unfortunately you can't lose weight on your shoulders. So anything I find that makes my butt and hips look a little bigger to balance the Y is divine. Therefore jeans shorts with a cut that adds a few grams. And therefore my disappointment that I can't fill them anymore this spring.  

Well, bring on the chocolate cakes and strawberry pies, I got work to do, and only a couple of months left.


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