Thursday, March 03, 2011

In disguise

Carnival is upon us, and yes, I am going to squeeze myself in this ridiculously short one-piece. I bought this together with a friend in a vintage store without really knowing when to use it ever. (I also tried an enormous 90's taffetta wedding gown à la "love boat" with a 5 meter train, and a black 20's flapper dress... but the blue glittery suit still won!)

I'll be going as an ice figure skater, would you have guessed it? It's a three days marathon of dancing, drinking and to see and be seen. The only thing I am most worried about is that I'm going to have to peel myself out of this creation every time I'll need the toilet.


  1. I'd have loved to see that with my own eyes!!!!
    Hope you had a fun carnaval over there!!

  2. This choice of costume was pretty unique between all the witches and 70's hippie costumes. I even added two small self-made medals and of course loads of glitter in my hair, which really helped pushing the whole style.
    Sadly I only have two polaroids.. I might have to attend another carnival to get more snapshots!


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