Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 1 - the healthy week project

Unfortunately I don't eat healthy at all. It doesn't show in my physique yet, thanks to my mother's genes, but I know it won't always stay that way.

Especially in the past months I've been starting to get all kinds of pain I actually correlated with the elderly. I caught myself complaining about back pain, its intensity depending on the weather (I always thought the weather-pain connection was just something to gain attention with), and a subtle chronic pain in my hipbone and knee have been spoiling most events I've been looking forward to attend at.

It frightens me that I speak about my body in this manner at this age. So today I started my little project, got up at 8 in the morning (yes, this is rather early for me, since I am not an early-morning-person), went running for a bit and got myself some fresh vegetables and fruit for the day. I'm already afraid I might feel too hungry to get through the project, since I am so used to munch some little (unhealthy) snacks all through the day. But I'm determined. And this salad up there is seriously delicious.

I hope your week is starting just as motivated and inspiring!


  1. I wish you a lot of luck with it! I've tried to change something in my eating pattern, but it sometimes just isn't possible due to work. I have days where I get home at 9 or 10pm and if I have to get up very early the next day - well, I just don't have the time. But I do try and I hope it'll work out for you!

  2. Thank you for your encouraging words, eva! You're right, our tight schedules can really turn a healthy diet into a big challenge. I am lucky enough to have lots of time at the moment, but you will see (I was just going to post about that) it makes things just as difficult if you seem to have Too much time.

  3. hope everything goes well, good luck !


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