Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 2 - the healthy week project

I'm starting the day with a fruit salad. Do you remember my biggest fear I mentioned yesterday regarding this project? Well, it came true.

Getting up so early on a day off does have one disadvantage - it makes the day a lot longer. I only had to do some paperwork yesterday, and my biggest challenge was to find a store that sells still water in glass bottles, not plastic.

Rummaging through my papers, cycling around on my bike, writing mails and making a few phone calls lead to me having achieved my daily goal at around 1 o'clock. In the afternoon, mind you. Of course it's nice to have a lot of time at hand when usually we only rush through our days and wonder where time has gone. However, this made my healthy diet project into more than just a project. A real endeavour.

I simply had too much time all of a sudden, and that usually misleads me into having a few more snacks here and there. Bits of chocolate, maybe some pizza, lots of toast with whateverthereisstillleftinthefridge. What a trap.

Stuffing salad, fruit and vegetables into my mouth all day long can hardly fill the gap all those yummy unhealthy goodies left. I'm terribly hungry all day long. However I am positive my body will accustom itself to this change, but of course in its own time. If it was this easy, we'd all be eating a lot healthier, wouldn't we?


  1. Mmmm that looks like one healthy yummy fruit salad!!! I've been trying out smoothies... throw everything in the blender, push the button et voila... a yummy deliscious juice!
    Cause i always forget to eat my portions of fruit otherwise!

    Grrr looks like i can't post a comment with my profile so i'll try anonymous but hey it's me, Syl!! <3

  2. Oh so wonderful to hear from you! I hope all is well and sunny and just as perfect as you imagined the holidays?
    A blender is such a good idea and so essential in the kitchen. Definitely helps to enjoy those fruit portions much quicker and easier. I might add some milk for a shake-feeling! Yummy indeed..


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