Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My birthday skirt

I've been wanting to write about this skirt for quite a while, but was always overcome by that small monster called procrastination. Now it's been already a month! Finally, here it is.

My birthday (party) skirt.

I used a pattern from a brazilian sewing magazine. It is amazing how much more curvy they create their patterns, and how lovely the buttpart fits. I had to so some adjustments in the back area and added some seams in the front for extra detail.

You can see there are still a few wrinkles around my lower back which I could not tame, but since the fabric itself is so fuss-free it still looks okay when I move around and doesn't scream 'back seams badly done' right away.

I'm so happy with the outcome of this skirt. Against my expectations it is super comfortable to wear and sort of supports my waist area like a light corset. It also gives this wonderful curve and creates a silhouette I actually don't have (I'll withstand the urge to complain about my lack of waist at this point).

The lining is made from an adorable dark blue polkadot fabric, and I added this little label I recently ordered from a company to stitch my name on. It makes the garment feel a bit more like a whole.

Can't wait to wear this skirt on more occasions, but since the weather has been calling for a lot of bicycle cruises lately, you can imagine it's not really the best choice of apparel.


  1. Such a stunning skirt! I'm sure you'll be able to wear it more often soon enough.

  2. it looks lovely, love this kind of skirt very much : )

  3. Girl, this is gorgeous! ...and with that top, wow!

  4. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! <3


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