Saturday, July 30, 2011

Evoked desires and memories

the adorable house we stayed at in Sweden last year

I have rearranged my apartment and exchanged the rather big bedroom with the increasingly decreasing studio. Space, I need space. A lot of it. So far it feels good, even though the place is still a terrible mess.

While browsing for ideas for very simple yet smart curtains, I came along this Swedish blog and can't stop scrolling through all those posts. I am not sure what it's really about, but I can't get my head around why the Swedish have So Much Taste! I could curl up and get comfortable in every single picture here. Even the ones where houses are just in the midst of renovation (I adore renovation - turn old into new!).

A rather cluttered place like this still looks so clean and tastefully arranged.
And cleaning the house is probably a blessing if you have a cupboard like this holding all your cleaning supplies.

I am in awe. And secretly wish for a cozy wooden house up there, where I could stay during the winter, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, red cheeked, after a good stroll through mounts of snow. I am also keeping up the illusion that every single household in Sweden must evidently look just this tasteful.

*picture by Marek Bruns


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