Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Work in progress and some cravings

I have started to knit again. Just small things, but they keep me happy and distracted. After browsing through etsy for some simple patterns I just had to start rightaway, using some leftover wool I had stored for a while.
Combining these two colors reminds me of strawberry and vanilla icecream, or those kind of marshmallows you can get at funfairs. It's pure sweetness!

A new catalogue has arrived and I am craving for big chunky knitted cardigans now. Like these ones here. I am wondering if I should knit one for myself. Is it worth it?

The sun came out and I took a couple of pics of my balcony garden. I finally got my new dslr cam, and I can't wait to take her out and to town. We just need to spend a bit more time together, so I really know how to use all those buttons.

The world seems so much prettier through its lens.


  1. You should definitely make one of these cardigans! What catalogue are they from? I especially like the first one :)

  2. They're from 3suisses (, and it's lovely for browsing and autumnly color inspiration.
    But I just saw they won't deliver to Sweden, and that's where you are right now? Looks like we both have to get out our knitting needles! ;)

  3. I am indeed in Sweden :) Not to worry - there are lots of great patterns out there. Today I finally finished weaving in the ends of a jumper that I made in Australia. Tomorrow I think I'll start a new (much less time-consuming) project. Have you picked a cardigan pattern for yourself doll? x

  4. That vanilla-strawberry-ice combo looks beautiful! (they made me think of icecream right away as well!!)
    By the way, i've noticed you & your new cam are good friends already!!

  5. Oh I loved that jumper, Jessica. I haven't decided on a cardi pattern yet.. I actually got distracted by that lovely owl jumper pattern that's been on so many blogs already. But the time-consuming issue holds me back a little. I am looking forward to your next project! :)

    And Syl, yes, I am slowly getting the hang of it. But I am still using the automatic settings... the light hasn't been too good lately, so I haven't been confident enough to play around with all those uncountable buttons. If I lived closer, I would do a course with you in exchange for some pie :>


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