Friday, September 02, 2011

Preserving summer

Spent the morning on my little balcony garden and planted a few more flowers, trying to preserve a bit of summer before it slips through our hands. Mada has been chewing on all my plants constantly, so I assumed it was time to get her her very own cat grass. Looks like she's rather fond of the idea!

I was in a bit of a spring cleaning/renovating mood and painted one of my bedroom walls blue. I had bought this paint ages ago, and when my friend spotted it (back then), she asked: "Oh? Baby blue? In a baby mood?", so I refrained from using it. She was quite right. I initially wanted it to be more matte and slightly smokey or slate, a bit colonial-style (if that makes any sense). I even bought some extra paint to tone it down a bit. 

But it's still blue. Baby blue. Very much so.


  1. I like the blue! We used to have that blue in our bathroom when we lived in a flat...
    I've got almost the same pic with one of my cats like the one Mada is on :)
    My cats love cat grass!

    Syl x

  2. Thank you for the heads up. I have kinda gotten used to the blue by now, and it does give a fresh but calming feeling.
    And yay for cat grass! It really was the solution to all the plant- knibbling. Mada now only goes for that!


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